Republicans’ policies make Coronavirus (COVID-19) spread more — and make people die from it

I’ve been studying the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in detail.  I’ve posted some information to this blog, and I will post more.

Our nation needs to take smart actions, but Republicans’ policies are actually SPREADING the pandemic further and MAKING PEOPLE DIE from it.

Here — briefly — are FOUR EXAMPLES:

1.  It is highly contagious, so when people have symptoms they should STAY HOME FROM WORK.  However, Republicans keep opposing legislation that would require employers to grant PAID SICK LEAVE from jobs, so people working at low-wage jobs without decent benefits GO TO WORK EVEN WHILE THEY ARE SICK AND CONTAGIOUS.  This means you are likely to get the disease from workers at retail stores, restaurants, or riding a bus to or from their jobs.  Republicans refuse to pass laws that will require employers to allow sick workers to stay home without sacrificing wages.

2.  Republicans have MANY TIMES tried to TAKE AWAY PEOPLE’S HEALTH CARE from Obama’s ACA and have REFUSED to provide better alternatives (e.g., Universal Single-Payer = “Medicare for All”).  In 2016 Trump campaigned with frequent promises to cover everybody with great health care, but he has refused to fulfill his 2016 campaign promise.  REPUBLICANS WANT SICK PEOPLE TO STAY SICK — OR EVEN DIE — BECAUSE REPUBLICANS REFUSE TO PROVIDE GOOD HEALTH CARE TO EVERYBODY.

3.  In many, many ways Trump and the Republicans have OPPOSED HONEST SCIENCE and CENSORED SCIENTIFIC FINDINGS in order to promote their own ignorant, corrupt propaganda about the climate and many other issues.  Trump created a group to work on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, but he stacked it overwhelmingly with POLITICAL AND BUSINESS CRONIES and only a few persons who understand or care about science.  See more information about Trump’s war on science at this blog’s “Science” category.

4.   Trump, nearly all Republicans, and some Democrats have been corrupted by Big Pharma (because of political campaign donations and/or generalized subservience to Big Business overall).  Trump appointed a drug company lobbyist to head his Department of Health and Human Services.  While Trump promises a vaccine, Trump and his HHS director REFUSE to make it affordable because they want to serve “the private sector.”

Trump’s UTTERLY INCOMPETENT AND CORRUPT response to this pandemic is already making the pandemic even worse.  Some other countries are taking strong, effective actions, but the U.S. is LAGGING FAR BEHIND OTHER COUNTRIES that are smarter and less corrupt.  See a recent blog post about this.