Please take these simple actions to prevent nuclear war.

Urge all presidential candidates to pledge “NO FIRST USE” of nuclear weapons:
And also here:
Tell Congress to prevent nuclear war! Urge Congress to save the New START Agreement!  Trump keeps bailing out of sensible treaties.  We must urge Congress to PROTECT a treaty that reduces the danger of nuclear war.  Please see this information and contact Congress. It takes only a minute or two.
The push for “low-yield” (Hiroshima-sized and somewhat bigger) nuclear weapons is NOT a step toward peace, but rather a scheme to increase the likelihood that a president will launch them.  They would very likely escalate into an all-out nuclear war.  We must tell Congress to PREVENT Trump or any president from getting more “usable” nuclear weapons.  Urge them to support the “Hold the LYNE (low-yield nuclear explosives) Act.”  This important legislation is one of the hot priorities of the Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons and our statewide coalition Washington Against Nuclear Weapons.  Denny Heck is a co-sponsor, but NEITHER Patty Murray nor Maria Cantwell has signed on.  Please click this link to contact your Congress members:











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