Georgia Democrats Respond to GOP’s Total Abortion Ban With ‘Testicular Bill of Rights’

State legislatures have been attacking women’s rights, so in the spring of 2019 a Democrat in Georgia’s legislature took creative action.

The article at the link below says:  “Georgia Democratic Rep. Dar’shun Kendrick wants to change the discourse around Republicans’ total abortion ban with legislation that would strictly regulate men’s reproductive health care.”

The article says:  “Some of the legislation Kendrick has asked legislative counsel to draft includes requiring men to obtain permission from their sex partner before obtaining a prescription for Viagra or other erectile dysfunction medications; making it aggravated assault for men to have sex without a condom; requiring paternity testing and the immediate start of child support payments at six weeks and one day into a pregnancy; and introducing a 24-hour waiting period for men to purchase pornography or sex toys.”

Here is the article: