Nuclear weapons industry has much power over Congress and Trump

I have read a great many articles and one or more books by the author of this article, William Hartung. Decades ago I drove to Seattle to hear him speak. He is one of the most knowledgeable experts.

The article at the link below is especially relevant to our current crisis, in which the U.S. is starting to replace its entire nuclear weapons arsenal with thousands of all-new nuclear weapons and the triad of delivery systems. This is totally unnecessary and horribly reckless. It will waste huge amounts of taxpayers’ money ($1.7 TRILLION, according to this article) that we need for humane purposes.

This informative article reminds me of the advice “Deep Throat” gave to the two journalists who were investigating the Watergate scandal: “Follow the money.”

We need to understand informative articles such as this. We need to publicize the hard realities, organize at the grassroots, and replace all federal incumbents who fail to work hard to stop this suicidal madness.

Here is William Hartung’s latest article: