Nonviolence is powerful! Gene Sharp’s theory of power supports nonviolent action and nonviolent resistance

Gene Sharp was perhaps the world’s greatest researcher about the power of NONVIOLENCE in protecting populations from invaders, dictators and oppressors.  I have enjoyed — and learned much from — reading the books he wrote since the 1970s.

For more than half a century, Gene Sharp has researched and written about nonviolence and how to use it effectively. I recommend the publications available at his website, the Albert Einstein Institution,  Many of them can be downloaded for free.

When I conduct workshops about the power and practicality of nonviolence, I include insights from Gene Sharp’s thinking.  I encourage people to take my free workshops so they can strengthen their abilities to organize at the grassroots for peace, social justice, the climate, and other issues they care about.

This two-page article summarizes Gene Sharp’s theory of power:  Gene Sharp’s Theory of Power

I wrote a much more thorough article about the power and practicality of nonviolence.  It is the basis for Session #1 in my 6-session series of workshops about Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing.”  Here is my thorough article, which includes some of Gene Sharp’s thinking plus much from Gandhi, King, and many other strong nonviolent organizers who achieved great results:  A Solid Case for Nonviolence as Ethical, Practical and Powerful

Here are some additional resources that can inform you about the power and practicality of nonviolence:  Resources for Organizing Nonviolent Grassroots Movements