More info on Trump’s horrible negligence and incompetence about COVID-19


COVID-19 predictions are rapidly escalating.  The U.S.’s right wing and Republicans have declared war against science, so they are driving a horrible escalation in this deadly disease.  Trump and his obedient followers have made the U.S. #1 in denying science and in escalating the pandemic.


Coronavirus increases horribly in some states, especially because the Trump regime REFUSED to take effective nationwide actions.  Trump and his regime REFUSED to take responsible actions.  They punted to states.  Many states (especially those controlled by Republicans) were as grossly negligent as Trump, so now they are increasing their numbers of cases.


The Military Knew Years Ago That a Coronavirus Was Coming:  The Pentagon warned the White House about a shortage of ventilators, face masks, and hospital beds in 2017—but the Trump administration did nothing.  Ken Klippenstein reported this news in April 2020.


Our Worst Crisis Since 2008… and We Have an Idiot at the Helm:  On March 13, 2020, Sasha Abramsky reported that Trump offers nothing but bigotry, ignorance, and pathological narcissism.  SEE THIS ARTICLE: