Trump’s latest scheme to use the 2020 Census to hurt immigrants and Democrats

The U.S. Constitution REQUIRES a Census — and explicitly EQUIRES counting all “persons.”  It does NOT say “citizens.”  Trump tried before — and he is trying again — to ABUSE the 2020 Census in order to hurt immigrants, hurt the communities where they live, and hurt Democrats.  Trump’s abuses are VIOLATING the Constitution.  But the Democratic Party refuses to impeach him about this.


Previously I had posted information to this blog about how Trump was trying to abuse the 2020 Census for his racist, political advantage.  See those posts.  SEE THIS for a collection of background articles:




Trump issued a memo on July 21, 2020, ordering the Census Bureau not to count undocumented people   (    when determining Congressional districts. This is yet another item to add to the long, long list of Trump’s racist and xenophobic actions. It’s important to note that Trump hasn’t outlined how he plans to make this happen, though, as the Census Bureau counts everyone – documented or not. Thankfully they did not include Trump’s desired citizenship question on this year’s survey, and they do not collect citizenship data in any form.


The Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO ( denounced Trump’s unconstitutional scheme.

On July 21, 2020, they issued a press release about this.  You can find it listed in this link:

On July 31, 2020, they issued an UPDATED press release.  See for APALA Condemns Trump Administration’s Latest Attempt at Undermining the 2020 Census 


The Brennan Center reported, “The 2020 Census Is at Risk.”  Here is their statement:

Every 10 years, based on the census count, the 435 seats in the House of Representatives are distributed according to the number of people living in the country. But this week, the Trump administration announced that it intends to exclude undocumented immigrants from any reapportionment of representatives. This is completely unconstitutional, (  and it definitely won’t help with response numbers for a census that is already at risk of undercounting the population.
An accurate count of our country’s population is essential — and this year, it’s especially important that we get an accurate count of Black communities in order to help correct the long-running racial inequities in power and money distribution. To help make Black lives matter, they must be counted. Right now, that count is at serious risk.  (


The Coalition on Human Needs ( reported TWO items on July 23, 2020:

Trump’s latest attack on the 2020 Census: ‘We’ll see him in court, and win, again’

President Trump this week issued a directive that seeks to prevent some immigrants from being included in the 2020 census for purposes of congressional apportionment next year. The announcement drew immediate criticism from legal experts who say the directive is plainly unlawful, from advocates who say it will undermine a census effort already beset by the coronavirus pandemic, and from civil rights groups who threatened immediate legal action. READ MORE at this link:

CHN’s Deborah Weinstein: Every person counts and by law must be counted

President Trump issued a memorandum on July 21 that wantonly disregards the Constitution in asserting that his Administration will not include undocumented immigrants in its 2020 Census count for purposes of Congressional apportionment. CHN has been working faithfully along with its members and allies to ensure that every person is counted in the 2020 Census. We know that an accurate count ensures that communities receive their fair share of education, health and other resources. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution is completely clear in basing representation on “the whole number of persons in each state.”  READ MORE at this link:


Common Cause ( is suing the Trump administration about this latest scheme to abuse the 2020 Census.

I visited their website and looked for concise information about this newest case, but did not find it yet.  Someone who had a hand in helping Trump and the Republicans rig the 2020 Census said they wanted to change the procedure in order to specifically advantage “Republicans and Non-Hispanic Whites” when the next redistricting occurs after the 2020 Census.