May 15 of every year is International Conscientious Objection Day

President Kennedy said wars will continue until conscientious objectors who refuse to fight are appreciated as much as soldiers are.

Most nations celebrate their people who make war, but almost no nations celebrate their people who make peace.  Grassroots people who organize to urge their nations to create nonviolent foreign policies deserve respect and appreciation.  So also do those people — those in the military and those facing the military draft — who REFUSE TO FIGHT BECAUSE OF THEIR CONSCIENCES.  These Conscientious Objectors are recognized on May 15 of every year.

If you want information about Conscientious Objection — either for yourself or to share information with people facing a military draft or who might already be in the military — contact the Thurston County Draft Counseling Center at (360) 491-9093.  We provide free, confidential, non-directive information and counseling, and referral to other sources of information and help.

Additional sources of information include:

Center on Conscience and War:

War Resistors International,

Courage to Resist,

Dissident Voice,