Marshall Islanders Still Suffer from U.S. Nuclear Weapons Testing (1946-1958)

The August 2021 interview on “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” provides the public with information and insights about something that almost no Americans know much about.  We discuss the U.S.’s testing of nuclear weapons in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean from 1946 to 1958.

Below you see the links so you can WATCH THE VIDEO and/or READ THE THOROUGH SUMMARY that I typed up.  We explain the facts clearly so the viewers of the video — and the readers of the typed summary — will clear understand what happened.  We especially explain how the U.S.’s 67 nuclear tests affected the people, environment and culture of the Marshall Islands.  We bring people up to date with recent political changes.  The thorough summary includes links to many sources of additional information.

Two guests help us explore this topic.  Both guests are part of the Marshall Islanders’ community now living in the Majuro Atoll.  Majuro is their nation’s capital city.

Jack Niedenthal was a Peace Corps volunteer from 1981 to 1984.  He fell in love with the people and their culture, so he stayed, married into the community, and now is the Secretary of Health & Human Services for the Republic of the Marshall Islands.  He has worked for 33 years for the people of Bikini on Kili Island, served for 30 years as their Trust Liaison.

Alson Kelen lived on Bikini Island for 4 years while he was a child and enjoyed playing on the beach.  He is a traditional canoe builder – and a former Mayor of Bikini and former Council member.  Also, he is a commissioner on the National Nuclear Commission of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.


CLICK THE NEXT LINK TO READ THE THOROUGH SUMMARY with links to much more information:  2021.08 Marsh. Isl. Nuc. Wpns. Tstg. — SUMMARY and RESOURCES

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