Long trains carrying oil in tank cars are DANGEROUS! See this powerful information.

See these photos of oil train derailments since 2013 in Canada and U.S.

Although not currently in the news, oil trains are dangerous.  See the link here for a collection of photos since 2013:

A Timeline of Oil Train Derailments In Pictures

Since 2013, North America has seen at least 21 oil train accidents—and counting



Another huge oil tanker train derailed in Washington State in late December 2020. The “regulatory” agencies failed again to protect us.



Here is more information about the highly toxic oil train derailment in Whatcom County WA in December 2020:

A State Patrol officer says it is “extremely toxic,” so people should stay far away.  See this TV news report:  6 minutes of video and commentary here:  https://www.kiro7.com/news/local/train-derails-whatcom-county/STYRPR6YBBBDJK6U5FC6N5MWEU/  

I produced and hosted my May 2015 TV program about the dangerous oil trains in our region.  You can watch the video and/or read about it at this link:

TV: “Stop the Dangerous Oil Trains. Protect Our Communities and Climate” – Glen’s Parallax Perspectives