“Let’s Boldly Create the Future We Really Want”

The June 2020 episode of my TV series “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” is already on my blog, and is watchable at any time from now into the distant future.  You may also read the transcript, which ends with many links to additional sources of information.  (SEE BELOW)
It will air on Thurston Community Television’s channel 22 for cable TV subscribers in Thurston County WA three times a week throughout June 2020:  every Monday at 1:30 pm, every Wednesday at 5:00 pm, and every Thursday at 9:00 pm.

This TV program and the transcript start by confronting the serious problems in our world, our nation, and our local communities. Then we quickly move on with insights and encouragement that can empower you to solve these problems.

This program’s first half invites YOU to tap into YOUR best values and BOLDLY CHOOSE A BETTER FUTURE for our local communities, our nation and our world.

The second half provides even more empowerment so you can actually succeed in solving the serious problems we face. Many people feel overwhelmed and despair, so this program’s second half helps us move through the negative feelings and into empowering our-selves so we can actually succeed in solving the problems.

This transcript ends with some resources so you can develop smart skills and strategies for nonviolent grass-roots organizing. My blog’s “Organizing” and “Nonviolence” categories provide a great many additional resources to inform, inspire, and empower you with insights and strategies for the good work you’ll be do-ing.

Feel free to contact me for a variety of books, videos, and other resources, free consultations for the issues and non-profit organizations YOU care about, and additional help, including free workshops I conduct to help you organize effectively at the grassroots level on any issue you care about. Contact me, Glen Anderson, at (360) 491-9093 glenanderson@integra.net

Watch the video AT THIS LINK

Read the transcript and see more information HERE:  2020.06 BOLD FUTURE — TRANSCRIPT with MORE INFORMATION and RESOURCES