Enjoy working with other Olympia folks to abolish nuclear weapons

The Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons is always doing several kinds of strategically smart work to reduce the likelihood of nuclear war – and to abolish nuclear weapons altogether.

We meet on the third Thursday of each month – and we make more progress at every meeting!

Our meetings are informative, productive, and actually enjoyable!

Please mark your calendars now and plan to join us at 5:00 sharp on the THIRD THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH (February 20, March 19, April 16, etc., in 2020) at our usual location, the Mixx-96 meeting room at the SW corner of State & Washington. (Please do NOT park in the small lot immediately next to our meeting room.)

I’ll bring enough copies of our vigorous agenda to our meeting for whoever attends.

For information contact me, Glen Anderson, at (360) 491-9093 glenanderson@integra.net.  See much information at the “Nuclear Weapons” part of my blog, www.parallaxperspectives.org