Learn about connections between war and the environment in ONLINE COURSE beginning June 7

An Online Course on War and The Environment: Spreading Knowledge Builds Power


This course could not be more important. A culture of extraction and destruction is closely tied to a culture of war. Questioning that ethos of destruction and consumption is challenging, but it has belatedly begun. Challenging a culture of militarism is even harder.

The 6-week online course, War and the Environment, will run from Monday June 7 to Sunday July 18, 2021.

This course will provide participants an opportunity to learn from, dialogue with, and strategize for change with experts from the bold peace organization World BEYOND War (www.worldbeyondwar.org) and peer activists and change-makers from around the world.  The course will explore many questions such as these:

  • How does war contribute to the environmental crisis?
  • How does climate change contribute to armed conflict?
  • How can the peace movement and the climate change movement work together more effectively to optimise the impact of both?

SEE INFORMATION HERE:  https://worldbeyondwar.org/an-online-course-on-war-and-the-environment-spreading-knowledge-builds-power/