A landmark court decision hurts Big Oil because Big Oil has failed to deal with the climate crisis.

A court decision in the Netherlands is a huge landmark.

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A judge holds Shell liable for causing climate change in historic vote:

The Dutch ruling is being called a first of its kind and a big “step forward for the international climate movement.”

See this short — but important — article by Ashley Curtin dated May 27, 2021:


This article pertains to the Dutch court decision about Shell:

The pathway to critical and formidable goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 is narrow but brings huge benefits, according to a special report by the highly prestigious International Energy Agency (IEA).  The IEA released a landmark report (LINKED BELOW) stating that – in order to avert the worst of the climate catastrophe – there NO investment in new fossil-fuel supply projects.  See the IEA’s news release about their report:



“This will Change the World:” Dutch Court orders Shell to reduce CO2 by 45% by 2030


Antonia Juhasz — a great expert on oil issues — wrote an insightful article about the Shell decision and implications and next steps!

I have been reading the articles by Antonia Juhasz for a number of years.  She is a great experts on oil-related matters.  She wrote this article promptly after the Dutch court ruled against Shell Oil.  Her article explains the importance of this court decision – and some implications and next steps.  As serious as the climate crisis is, we can pay attention to the victories that do occur – and celebrate these victories – and figure out smart strategies to move ahead.

I highly recommend her article.  Read it at this link: