Kavanaugh would make Supreme Court a Republican Party tool

The American people need the U.S. Supreme Court to be a neutral, impartial body of legal experts.
While Democratic presidents have been nominating such experts to judicial positions on the Supreme Court, Republican presidents have been nominating blatantly partisan Republicans.

Brett Kavanaugh would take this to an extreme level.  After the 2000 election Kavanaugh was one of the lawyers for George W. Bush and the Republican Party who forced Florida to stop recounting the ballots.  Al Gore would have won the recount.  Instead, the Republican majority on the U.S. Supreme Court stopped the recount and appointed George W. Bush to become president.  Kavanaugh helped make that happen.

Before that, when Congressional Republicans were conducting Ken Starr’s blatantly partisan investigations of Democratic President Bill Clinton, Kavanaugh was one of the blatantly Republican attack dogs helping Ken Starr’s witch-hunt.

Republicans are conductive a massive cover-up to prevent the actual records about Kavanaugh’s work from coming to light.  But what we do know about his record as a federal judge shows that he is AGAINST women’s rights, AGAINST workers’ rights, AGAINST health care, AGAINST the environment, and almost always ruling in favor of big business.

Kavanaugh would make the U.S. Supreme Court a blatantly partisan tool of the Republican Party, in addition to supporting the various forms of repression and injustice that the Republican Party has been imposing upon us.
Regardless of what issues you care about, Kavanaugh will make it much harder for you to make progress.
We must PROTECT THE SUPREME COURT from blatant partisan bias.

See my recent posts about stopping Kavanaugh.

DEMAND that your U.S. Senators VIGOROUSLY OPPOSE Kavanaugh.

Phone the “undecided” senators in other states too.


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