Kavanaugh THREATENS our rights!

See my recent post listing some very serious dangers that Brett Kavanaugh would pose if the Senate were to confirm his nomination for the U.S. Supreme Court.  Trump nominated him precisely because Kavanaugh — who is young — would impose Trumpist cruelty and abuses upon the USA for many decades, long after Trump is gone.

See my recent post about this.  Please contact your U.S. senators and DEMAND that they VIGOROUSLY OPPOSE Kavanaugh in every  nonviolent way they possibly can.

Among other problems, Kavanaugh would undermine the Constitutional separation of church and state.  He would impose right-wing religious bias as constitutionally permissible to trample upon your rights and pervert our nation into ways that our Founders would find abhorrent.

An excellent non-profit organization that has worked effectively for many decades to protect the separation of church and state is Americans United for the Separation of Church and State (www.au.org).  Their September 2018 magazine said this on page 6:

“AU joined more than 100 national civil rights organizations from the Leadership0 Conference on Civil and Human Rights (LCCR) coalition in sending a letter to the Senate voicing opposition to Kavanaugh’s nomination.  Over the course of 15 pages, the organizations enumerated Kavanaugh’s troubling record on issues including health care access, women’s reproductive rights, immigrants’ rights and discrimination claims.

“‘Judge Kavanaugh’s 12-year record on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, as well as his known writings, speeches, and legal career, demonstrate that if he were confirmed to the Supreme Court, he would be the fifth and decisive vote to undermine many of our core rights and legal protections,’ the LCCHR coalition wrote.”

LET ME EMPHASIZE THE DANGER IN THE PRECEDING PARAGRAPH:  Kavanaugh would provide a SOLID MAJORITY for right-wing opposition to our rights!!!

Please see the previous post to my blog and urge your U.S. senators to VIGOROUSLY, VIGOROUSLY work — to take EVERY POSSIBLE nonviolent action — to STOP KAVANAUGH!!!

Our rights are at stake for the next several decades!!!!