Issues (climate, nuclear weapons, etc.) are interrelated!

More and more people are recognizing that single-issue organizing — while valid for focusing our efforts — can keep us stuck in different “silos” and fail to connect us with allies who could help by joining forces to create a much bigger movement to help several issues at the same time!

Several times in the past year or so I have created half-page flyers that link nuclear weapons with other issues that people were organizing about (climate, immigrant rights, gun violence, science, etc.).

On Saturday April 13, 2019, the South Sound Climate Action Convention will occur.  I created a handout (attached) that we’ll offer on an outreach table featuring the Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. The handout links the climate crisis and nuclear weapons as two existential crises.  I had created this handout a year ago and updated it now.

Climate crisis and nuclear weapons are two existential threats.docx

I also created a tri-fold flyer for the Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.


TRIFOLD for Olympia Coalition