International Declaration of Human Rights passed the U.N. General Assembly December 10, 1948

I’m posting this to my blog a few days before International Human Rights Day, December 10.  This day celebrates when the U.N. General Assembly passed the International Declaration on Human Rights on December 10, 1948.  It’s good to re-read the International Declaration on Human Rights every few years.

Information and the text are at this link:

A .pdf with a simple, readable font is at this link:

Thanks to Eleanor Roosevelt who had worked skillfully to create and pass this landmark document.

Bonus questions: 

(1) How many of these internationally recognized human rights has the U.S. (and/or states and local jurisdictions) been routinely violating?

(2) How many of these did the Trump regime violate even further?

(3) What could YOU do to help the general public — and all levels of government — respect human rights?