India and Pakistan have been enemies since 1947 — and BOTH have NUCLEAR WEAPONS!

Mahatma Gandhi worked for decades to free India from the British Empire.  Gandhi worked tirelessly and nonviolently to keep the Hindu and Muslim populations united in one India that would recognize religious diversity.

But finally, when independence came in 1947, the Muslim-dominated parts became Pakistan (and East Pakistan, which later became independent as Bangladesh), while most of India became a Hindu-dominated nation.  Bitter violence ensued.  Since then, India and Pakistan have fought several actual wars, and they are still militarily opposed to each other in the Kashmir region.


Even a so-called “limited” nuclear war could KILL 100 MILLION PEOPLE.  A nuclear exchange there could cause NUCLEAR WINTER.  See this information:


Nine nations — including India — have nuclear weapons.  India’s nuclear forces include air, sea and land-based nuclear weapons. To know more about India’s nuclear arsenal, click here.  The fact sheet that was at the website of the Council for a Livable World does not seem to be accessible now.  You could probably search the web for information.


An article by a person from India discusses the global nuclear weapons crisis — including the U.S.’s policies — in this article:















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