How to understand Trump’s current rants about “caravans” of immigrants coming to the U.S.

The Quixote Center ( has done great solidarity work with Central America for decades.  They put into context the ranting of Trump in early April 2018.

Trump is feeling increased pressure about his many scandals, etc., so he is trying to divert scrutiny of his own bad behavior and that of his appointees by demonizing “The Other” and trying to get Americans to fear “The Other” and support Trump’s claim that militarizing the US’s southern border and violating the human rights of undocumented immigrants here will protect us.

This article deserves to be read by many people:

A great many of the immigrants in the “caravans” that Trump is trying to frighten us about are coming from Honduras.  The U.S. supported the right-wing coup that overthrew Honduras’s democracy and installed a very brutal government that has been killing journalists, labor organizers, human rights defenders, environmentalists, and other people trying to make Honduras a better place.  The U.S. has continued funding the brutal military and police forces that allow those murders and other abuses to occur — and in some cases are actually committing the crimes.

For more about this, see the post titled “TV:  Honduras,” the interview I conducted in 2009 shortly after the coup.  This is the link:

Here is more information about the coup and U.S. abuses:

The U.S. government really is complicit in the murders of environmentalists and other good people, plus more crimes against human rights and international law.

I interviewed two knowledgeable persons for my TV program shortly after the 2010 coup. They provide information. You can watch the program and/or read a summary of what we said at this link:


The article at the following link provides more information about the U.S. support for the 2010 coup against Honduras’s democracy and the complicity of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – and the violence that has been continuing there since 2010: