A minister, a priest and a rabbi walked into a bar …

You’ve heard jokes that start with this line:  “A minister, a priest and a rabbi walked into a bar ….”

How about this?

They walked in and asked the customers whether they wanted to make their own decisions about which religious bodies (if any) to financially support, or whether they wanted Big Government to take their tax dollars and — instead of funding public schools that treat everyone fairly — spend their tax dollars to fund schools owned and operated by religions they did not agree with, so those religions could indoctrinate school children in their religious dogmas.

Of course, you can imagine the answers!

Yet across our nation some people are pushing state and local governments and school systems to divert PUBLIC TAX DOLLARS away from public schools (which are accountable to the voters) in order to fund religious schools that are NOT accountable to voters.

If you believe in PUBLIC schools, support their independence — and protect your taxes — by supporting the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  The best non-profit organization working to protect the constitutionally required Separation of Church and State is Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.  See their website, www.au.org