How to really STOP Trump’s horrible nominees

Trump keeps throwing HORRIBLE, CORRUPT, and DANGEROUS nominees at us, one after another.

Democratic U.S. Senators think it is sufficient to merely vote “no” to one Trump nominee after another.

That is NOT ENOUGH!  We and the Senators need to actually MOBILIZE PUBLIC OPINION to PUSH BACK!

Senators have a “bully pulpit” that almost all of them fail to use.  They should use their “bully pulpit” and take other actions to PUBLICLY EXPOSE the nominees’ corruption, cruelty, and horrible track records, in order to MOBILIZE PUBLIC OPINION TO PUSH BACK AGAINST TRUMP and the Republicans!
Until Democratic Senators push back in this way, they will always be on the defensive, and they will continue enabling Trump to set the agenda.

Democratic Senators who merely vote “no” you create the illusion that this is just “politics as usual,” so they “normalize” Trump’s fascism. INSTEAD, THEY MUST ALERT THE PUBLIC TO THE DANGER and MOBILIZE THE PUBLIC to VIGOROUSLY, VIGOROUSLY PUSH BACK!

The timid Democratic Party enabled Trump to get elected by preventing a true populist, Bernie Sanders, from getting the nomination. BERNIE SANDERS WOULD HAVE WON IN A LANDSLIDE — with long coattails. Sanders would have saved the USA by preventing Trump’s fascism.  Timid Democratic Senators who merely vote “no” are complicit in enabling Trump to impose corrupt fascism upon our nation.

VOTERS MUST REPLACE about 95% of incumbents with Greens and Socialists.