Green New Deal: Here are several good articles, etc.

We need a Green New Deal right now:



I always buy from locally owned bookstores instead of national chains.  Here is information from the publisher:


Naomi Klein: The Green New Deal Is Changing the Calculus of the Possible.

She says big ideas are the only ones that can realistically tackle the climate crisis.


Yes, we really can fix our problems.  In the 1930s the New Deal was bold and significantly helped solve our nation’s problems then.  Now we must pass the GREEN New Deal.  Strongly urge Congress to pass H. Res. 109:


Our current messes (climate and economics) are actually costing and wasting a lot of money.  The Green New Deal would actually be CHEAP IN COMPARISON to our current messes:


My May 2020 TV interview explains the Green New Deal with smart insights.  A technical glitch prevented posting the video itself to my blog, but you can read the thorough summary of what we said at this link, which also includes links to more information:

2020.05 Green New Deal — SUMMARY and RESOURCES







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