EXTREMELY URGENT DANGER: Trump is rigging the 2020 election. Prevent his Supreme Court nominee from clinching the deal. Take strong actions now!

4 more years of Trump would be horrible for all of the issues we care about:  peace, climate, economics, race, social justice, etc.

In many ways Trump has been rigging the 2020 election.  You’ve read about various schemes to suppress voting by minorities and poor people, interfering with voting by mail, causing people to distrust election results, etc.

It’s VERY LIKELY that the election will be decided by the Supreme Court (as in 2020, when the Supreme Court stopped Florida’s vote counting and simply appointed George W. Bush to be President).

Now Trump and McConnell are RUSHING ANOTHER TRUMP NOMINEE to be seated on the Supreme Court BEFORE ELECTION DAY, so they can replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg with another hard-core Trump loyalist.

Mitch McConnell seems to have enough votes in the Senate to confirm Trump’s nominee.

I implore you to phone your U.S. Senators NOW!  DEMOCRATS ABSOLUTELY MUST FILIBUSTER and NONVIOLENTLY SHUT DOWN THE SENATE, or we will VERY LIKELY have Trump’s fascist dictatorship imposed upon the U.S. for another four (or more) years!


If you live in Washington State, call the Washington DC offices of:

Senator Patty Murray:  202-224-2621 (press 3 to leave a message) or toll-free 866-481-9186

Senator Maria Cantwell:  202-224-3441