Grassroots organizers created a “Thin Green Line” that stopped oil and coal export from our Pacific ports

My workshop in my series on “Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing” recognizes problems and helps people accomplish successes for a variety of issues (peace, environment, climate, human rights, economics, etc.)  We actually have accomplished MANY SUCCESSES in preventing oil export facilities and coal export facilities along our region’s Pacific coast. We worked at the grassroots for close to a decade and stopped nearly all of the proposals for exporting the U.S.’s coal and oil from ocean ports in Washington and Oregon.

The odds were decidedly against us when we started, but we organized in strategically smart, vigorous ways and defeated nearly all of the export proposals. This recent article discusses these victories:

I am offering my workshops about “Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing” with a special emphasis on the climate – and also for people who want to increase their skills in organizing about ANY issue. The climate series is starting now. Please contact me if you’d like to participate.  I’m at (360) 491-9093