Anti-nuclear org’s leader discusses his positive approach to abolishing nuclear weapons

I’m sharing this truly inspiring and compelling information from the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF) widely with you and other people who want to make a better world by working for peace, protecting the climate, and persisting with a positive “can-do” attitude to make the world better in other ways.

I supported NAPF when its founder David Krieger was leading it, and now under its current leader, Rick Wayman. NAPF’s current leader Rick Wayman started when he was young, and now he persists boldly with what they call “shameless idealism” and the confidence that – if we organize effectively – we can indeed abolish nuclear weapons. Read this great article about NAPF’s belief that – as people have boldly affirmed during Left-oriented protests – “another world is possible”:

Also, one of NAPF’s other key leaders graduated from West Point, fought in Iraq, left the army as a captain, and now he works full-time for peace. I have enjoyed reading his informative, insightful, inspiring articles for a number of years. He speaks compellingly in this 3-minute video at the same online article:

The article above also includes a link to a short video (8 ½ minutes) about a very old tree that survived the bombing of Hiroshima. People have been collecting seeds and cuttings from that tree and planting them around the world. That short video is linked to the first link I provided above.

I hope this article and the short videos will inspire you and see that we can indeed take smart efforts to make significant progress for abolishing nuclear weapons, protecting the climate, and helping the world in many other ways.