Electing Democrats will NOT protect us from nuclear weapons

Both political parties have been funding nuclear weapons and have been supporting their use since the 1940s. Franklin D. Roosevelt started building them. Harry Truman dropped two on Japan, killing many thousands of innocent civilians. John Kennedy fully expected to use them during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. Barack Obama authorized the replacement of ALL U.S. nuclear weapons (at a cost of much more than $1 TRILLION). Congress’s Democrats have been funding nuclear weapons since the 1940s. The crisis is truly bi-partisan!

• Overall, the U.S.’s foreign policy has been bi-partisan for many decades. Regardless of which political party has the President or runs Congress, for more than a century the U.S. has felt entitled to violently impose its will upon other nations, to bomb any nation we want, to overthrow their governments (including many democracies, such as Iran in 1953 and Guatemala in 1954 and Chile in 1973), and so forth.

• The Vietnam War was started by Truman and Eisenhower, continued by Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford. Bush/Cheney overthrew governments in Afghanistan and Iraq and launched an endless “war on terror,” which Obama inherited and in some cases escalated. He overthrew Libya’s government, increased U.S. militarism in Africa, and escalated drone attacks in many parts of the world. Trump inherited all of that, pulled out of the highly successful Iran deal, escalated some current wars, and has been threatening several new wars.

• Likewise, both of the big political parties have meddled in other countries’ elections, used the CIA and other covert ways of destabilizing and overthrowing governments.

• Every four years American voters elect presidential candidates who say they want peace. Voters reject the more hawkish presidential candidates. But no matter who is elected – no matter which party – the militaristic foreign policy and the threat of nu-clear war persist uninterrupted. To read a summary of the presidential elections from 1964 to 2016, see this link: http://parallaxperspectives.org/since-1964-voters-have-elected-presidents-who-promised-peace-but-they-always-gave-us-more-war


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