Connect with these info sources AND organized efforts to reduce the danger of nuclear war

A great many organizations are working for peace in a variety of smart ways.  Various organizations focus specifically on:

  • Changing the U.S.’s foreign policy overall
  • Changing U.S. foreign policy regarding specific regions of the world (Latin America, Iran, Burma, etc.)
  • Opposing nuclear weapons
  • Organizing and mobilizing people of various faith communities (Quakers, Jews, Lutherans, Muslims, Presbyterians, Catholics, etc.)
  • Working through Congress
  • Organizing at the grassroots level in local communities throughout our nation


I live and organize in the area near Olympia, Washington, so I recommend these resources:

Currently I chair the Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (OCANW). We have accomplished a variety of strategically smart activities since our founding in May 2017. We meet monthly to organize outreach campaigns to inform and activate the general public, to educate and pressure our U.S. representative and Senators to take smart, necessary actions, and to organize other ways for ordinary local people to oppose nuclear weapons.  Whether or not you choose to attend our monthly meetings or take part in our other various activities, we invite you to sign up for our e-mail list so you can keep informed of nuclear weapons-related news and take actions if you choose.  To contact OCANW, contact me (Glen Anderson) at (360) 491-9093

OCANW is one of 50 organizational members of the statewide coalition Washington Against Nuclear Weapons, (206) 547-2630.

About 60 miles north of Olympia is the Trident nuclear submarine base at Bangor in Kitsap County.  If Kitsap County were to secede from the U.S., it would be the third largest nuclear nation (after the remainder of the U.S. and Russia).  The Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action is located immediately next to the Trident nuclear submarine base in Kitsap County. Since 1978 Ground Zero has organized public outreach and activities against nuclear weapons, based on principled nonviolence.  Contact to get onto their mailing list so you can receive news updates and invitations to Ground Zero’s activities.

A great many other organizations and sources of information exist nationwide.  I compiled a great list at this link:  Nuclear Weapons Information Sources

If you want to increase your skills and abilities to organize at the grassroots regarding nuclear weapons — or any other issue — I warmly encourage you to sign up for my series of 6 workshops on “Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing.”  They are informative, inspiring, and very practical.  See information here

Would your local faith congregation, community organization, or network of friends want to host our 4-session course about nuclear weapons?  Four members of the Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons conducted it successfully at a local congregation, and we want to offer it elsewhere.  See information here — — and contact Glen Anderson at (360) 491-9093 if you’d like to host it elsewhere.  We offer this course for FREE.





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