Call COVID-19 the “TrumpVirus” because his incompetence and cruelty made U.S. #1 in infections and deaths.

Trump refuses to take responsibility for any of his many horrible decisions and failures.  He blames the Coronavirus on Chinese people, Democratic governors, the news media, and so forth, but he refuses to admit that Trump’s own stupidity, ego, incompetence, mismanagement made the crisis much, much worse than it would have been if we had a competent president.

When he took power in January 2017 the Executive Branch agencies included two offices that were responsible for watching out for pandemics and planning in advance how to effectively manage pandemics in case they emerge.  Trump ABOLISHED those, so he PREVENTED our nation from acting proactively or effectively when Coronavirus did occur.

Then he spent months denying that it was happening.  He kept saying it was a hoax by Democrats and the news media that they made up in order to make him look bad.  Another post on this blog listed DOZENS OF WARNINGS that Trump kept ignoring.




Instead, he put in charge of his administration’s activities RIGHT-WING POLITICIANS who are IGNORANT about science and medical matters and — in some cases — HOSTILE to science.  He and his cronies mismanaged everything and inserted corruption into federal spending.  He PREVENTED ACCOUNTABILITY for the hundreds of billions of dollars Congress made available to deal with the crisis.

He clamped down on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the federal government’s most expert agency on such matters.

He slashed funding for the World Health Organization (WHO) and pulled the U.S. out of it.

While other nations acted responsibly and “flattened their curves,” Trump performed so badly that in the U.S. the numbers of cases and deaths increased at a horrifying rate — far beyond those of any other nation.  THE VAST MAJORITY of the 155,000 Americans who had died by early August 2020 died UNNECESSARILY BECAUSE OF TRUMP’S EGO, STUPIDITY, INCOMPETENCE and MISMANAGEMENT.
Oh, yes, and Trump’s horrible behaviors also CRASHED OUR NATION’S ECONOMY to a level reminiscent of the Great Depression.