“Big Money” corrupts elections and government. Links to PROBLEMS and SOLUTIONS.

Billionaires are using their money and power to buy our elections.

According to a new report by Americans for Tax Fairness (www.americansfortaxfairness.org), America’s roughly 750 billionaires are increasingly using their personal fortunes and the profits of corporations they control to drown out regular voters’ voices and elect hand-picked candidates who further rig the nation’s economy — especially the tax system.1

Over the first two years of the pandemic, the wealth of 27 billionaire Republican donors grew by $82.4 billion. The $89.4 million in donations they gave to GOP congressional super PACs over the first 16 months of the 2022 election cycle is just 0.1% of that wealth gain. They’re counting on that “small” investment in electing anti-tax Republicans to Congress to save them billions in taxes.

Congress needs to take action NOW to tax billionaire wealth to limit their power and influence on our elections.



The DISCLOSE Act (“Democracy Is Strengthened by Casting Light On Spending in Elections”) Act is a federal campaign finance reform bill that has been introduced in the United States Congress since 2010.  House Democrats have supported it, so we must urge the Senate to pass it too.

Democracy works only when the voters know what is going on — and when voters protect democracy from the special interests, corporations, billionaires, and foreign interests that are buying our elections, often with secret money.  Currently these Big Money donors can conceal their spending on lobbying, elections and judicial confirmation hearings.  The DISCLOSE Act would stop anonymous spending in our elections by requiring entities trying to influence our elections to disclose their major political donors. It would also increase transparency on political advertisements by requiring disclosure of major donors who underwrite advertisements supporting or attacking judicial nominees. Take a moment to email your Senator NOW and demand they pass the DISCLOSE Act today!

Here is another link from a different organization to urge your Senators to pass the DISCLOSE Act:  https://www.lwv.org/take-action/root-out-dark-money

ALSO, I highly recommend my June 2022 TV program about how “Big Money” corrupts our elections and government. 

You can watch the TV interview video with an expert from Common Cause’s national office and/or read the thorough summary I typed up about what we said during the interview (with links to additional information at this link:  https://parallaxperspectives.org/big-money-in-elections-corrupts-our-government