After IPCC’s alarming report demanding sharp reductions, Biden urged OPEC to INCREASE DRILLING FOR OIL!!!

The article with the headline and the link below said this part-way through the article, because Biden’s Trumpian stupidity was not the article’s main point.  The article said Biden urged OPEC to DRILL MORE OIL because he was worried that a reduced supply of oil would increase oil prices and hurt the economic “recovery.”

The article’s main point is that instead of taking honest, effective actions to sharply reduce climate chaos, fossil fuel companies are promoting high-tech gimmicks that are not really effective but will fool the public and governments – and keep enriching their own profits – while delaying real climate action.

This is also the main point of my September 2021 TV program, which you can watch at this link:

One short paragraph in this article says what Biden, Congress, and nearly all governments and businesses are doing:  “Yet, in spite of all the dire climate warnings by IPCC and scores of other scientific studies, the world’s political and corporate leaders continue with their “business-as-usual” approach when it comes to tackling the climate crisis.”

The next paragraph says: “Almost immediately after the release of the new IPCC report, the Biden administration urged the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to increase oil production because higher prices threaten global economic recovery. In fact, Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, actually criticized the world’s major oil producers for not producing enough oil.”

These kinds of deceptions are the topic of my September 2021 TV program (linked above).  Cable TV customers in Thurston County WA can watch the interview 3 times a week throughout September 2021.

The article I’m linking below ends by strongly urging a GLOBAL Green New Deal.  But governments and businesses keep refusing to consider that.

Tech “Solutions” Are Pushed by Fossil Fuel Industry to Delay Real Climate Action