In the 1940s my Dad built a SOLAR clothes dryer. Mom operated it for decades.

In the 1950s when I was growing up, I remember at home we had a SOLAR and WIND clothes dryer.  It used no fossil fuels and no electricity.

Dad built it in the 1940s.  Mom operated it for decades.

It was called a “clothesline.”  Every home’s back yard had one.  It was an upright metal pole with a smaller horizontal metal crossbar at the top.  30 to 40 feet away was another one with the same design.  Stretched between them were four long metal wires that constituted the clothesline.

People would wash clothes, sheets, towels, etc., in the house and then bring them outside.  Wooden clips (“clothes pins”) would attach the wet clothing to the wires.  Mother Nature’s sunlight and wind would dry them out after a number of hours.  The clean, dry clothing, sheets and towels smelled very good.

We can do this again.  We do not need high-tech gadgets.