Yes, we can organize more effectively at the grassroots for many important issues.

Globally, nationally, and locally, we are confronted with very serious problems.

Some people feel overwhelmed and disempowered, so they feel powerless to solve the problems.  But that only allows the horrible problems to get worse.

I strongly support the opposite approach:  Recognize that WE CAN INDEED LEARN HOW TO ORGANIZE EFFECTIVELY at the grassroots level (“Think globally and act locally”) to solve the problems.

Sometimes people and organizations merely vent or flail about with random activities without a clear strategy for how to make the political and social changes we want.  We can do better than that!

Specifically, I seek out individuals and organizations that devise smart strategies to reach our goals.  (Sometimes this is hard because timeframes are short.)  But even so, we can quickly figure out what we want to accomplish, who has the power to decide the matter, and how to strategically push them to make the good decisions. This is a practical approach for short-term crises and for longer-term struggles.

Nonviolence is absolutely crucial, as I have explained in a number of posts to the “Nonviolence” part of this blog,

We need smart strategies about how to be most effective.  While I do some lobbying, that has very little actual strategic power for several reasons, including the fact that it simply reinforces the mistaken notion that elected officials are where the power is based. Actually, the power is based in the broad public grassroots, and in various other entities and systems, so what we really need is strategically savvy grassroots organizing and power-building that is very different from mere petitioning and lobbying.

I have written about that extensively and posted useful information to my blog’s “Organizing” section.

Also, I will continue offering my 6-session series of workshops on “Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing.”   I’m willing and available to offer them anywhere in the Olympia area and in the wider geographical region.  SEE THIS FLYER:

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