Why the U.S. House must push for VERY BOLD changes, not merely bi-partisan deals

In the November 2018 election American voters gave a STRONG MANDATE for VERY PROGRESSIVE ACTION by the U.S. House.  Our Representatives must deliver!!!

Moderates want House Democrats to settle for bi-partisan deals with the Republican-dominated Senate. If the House Democrats do that, they will be rebuffing the voters who gave them a mandate for VERY BOLD changes. They also will FAIL TO IDENTIFY how progressive Democrats are much better than conservative Republicans.

Even if the Senate fails to pass VERY BOLD House legislation, the points will be made, and 2020’s voters will see who is really on their side, vs. who is on the side of the oppressors.

Ordinary people must PUSH HARD on the U.S. House Democrats to PROMOTE STRONGLY PROGRESSIVE LEGISLATION and REFUSE to water down the good proposals with compromises that result in weak legislation.  Such compromises will antagonize voters and cause them to distrust Democrats.