We need fresh, bold economics to fight climate disruption. See these great articles.

Here are several interesting new articles in early May 2019:


As Capitalism Fails, We Need a Roadmap to Survive Climate Change.

This article says that the climate crisis ALSO challenges us to think about economics in bold, fresh ways.
The economics that allowed the climate crisis to occur are NOT sufficient to get us out of that mess.
Fossil fuels have fueled our long run of industrial and economic growth.
But that is coming to an end.
Now we need new economics for a post-fossil fuel future.
There are many dimensions to this.
The article at this link is based on an interdisciplinary group of experts – and what they told the U.N.



AOC promotes Green New Deal in Kentucky coal country. This article discusses ordinary people’s thoughts.



Poll: 96% of Democratic Voters Want 2020 Nominee to Prioritize Climate Action

Democratic voters: 96% is virtually unanimous in prioritizing the climate crisis.  And providing health care for EVERYBODY was a close second in what Democratic voters want, according to this poll.