Watergate book & film “All the President’s Men” is highly relevant now!

Last night I watched the feature film “All the President’s Men,” which accurately lays out the Watergate scandal and the criminality of Nixon’s administration.  I had watched the film a number of years before and read the book many years before that.

Now it is more relevant than ever, especially because:

— The extremely corrupt Trump regime is violating the Constitution and the rule of law

— News media nowadays do not dedicate themselves to investigative reporting and seeking the truth, nearly so much as they did before

— Media consolidation — especially by right-wing owners — has created enormous bias in support of the right wing and against truth

— Trump and his cronies denounce as “fake news” anything that exposes their abuses and lifts up the truth

— The American people have lost confidence in mainstream media, and many tens of millions accept Fox News and other right-wing media at face value


I encourage people to read (or re-read) the book All the President’s Men, which was written by the two vigorous, truth-seeking journalists Robert Woodward and Carl Bernstein.  The book is a “page-turner” that takes you through the step-by-step process of their courageous investigation.

I encourage people to watch (or watch again) the feature film All the President’s Men, which accurately tells the story.  The people who produced and acted in this feature film were meticulously accurate in telling the story.

I borrowed the DVD from the Timberland Regional Library system.  It’s in the “Feature Films” section of their DVD collection.




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