Voters are much more progressive than the institutional Democratic Party and its timid Joe Biden.

Public opinion polling shows majorities of the public — especially Democrats but also large numbers of Independents and Republicans — urging VERY BOLD public policies, such as:

  • Getting big money out of political campaigns
  • Providing a nationwide system of good quality health care for every person
  • Strong actions to protect the climate
  • Protecting ordinary people from big business’s abuses
  • Sharply reducing police violence
  • And much more …

During the 2020 primary election season, Bernie Sanders campaigned on boldly progressive issues, and he won huge numbers of votes from many kinds of people, including the working class, minorities, and other segments of the voting public.  But the institutional Democratic Party kept doing things to hurt Bernie’s campaign and rebuff the voters that the Democratic Party needs in order to win the White House and the “coat-tails” all down the ballot, including Congress and state and local elections.

Instead, the institutional Democratic Party did many things to grease the skids for Joe Biden, who was NOT inspiring voters (and in late June 2020 STILL is NOT inspiring voters).  Biden’s campaign began by saying everything was OK in 2016 until Trump ruined everything, so all we have to do is revert to the status quo of 2016.  But in that presidential campaign Hillary Clinton ran on that message, and she was telling people that the economy and the status quo were great, and all we have to do is tinker around their edges.  VOTERS KNEW PROBLEMS EXISTED and they were hurting economically, and Trump (not Clinton) recognized that voters demanded strong changes.  (Trump, of course, was lying, but many voters were hurting so badly that they took a chance on a wacko who criticized the status quo.)

Now 2020 comes along, and Biden started running on Clinton’s failed platform.  Voters shunned him.

Biden has a long history of:
• wanting to cut Social Security and the social safety net
• supporting stupid endless wars
• opposing Universal Single-Payer health care
• being utterly subservient to Wall Street

Joe Biden is THE OPPOSITE of what voters want!!!!!
He does NOT INSPIRE voter turnout!!!!!
His pitch shifted from supporting the 2016 status quo to saying he is the only alternative to Trump.

Now in 2020 — on issue after issue — Biden offers ONLY VERY TIMID responses to the VERY SERIOUS PROBLEMS.  This article was posted to the internet on March 10, 2020:

When a journalist asked Biden about Trump’s ridiculous claims and ridiculous lies about the Coronavirus pandemic, Biden’s weak answer was that he wishes Trump would do better thinking.  That’s all Biden said.

Biden still STRONGLY OPPOSES “Medicare for All.”  In late March 2020, with the pandemic vigorously underway, Biden still emphasized his opposition to “Medicare for All”:

Biden’s plan for the Opioid Crisis would endanger lives:

Right now I can’t find the most recent article about Biden’s HORRIBLY WEAK proposals for the climate.


It clearly seems that the institutional Democratic Party would rather re-elect Trump than allow Bernie to challenge Wall Street and the Military-Industrial Complex.

By February 2020, the most powerful committee in the Democratic National Committee had been packed with lobbyists from fossil fuel and banking companies:

Leading up to this February 2020 article, the Democratic Party keeps saying they know voter turnout is absolutely necessary. Bernie Sanders has indeed inspired new people to vote, and he inspires the most diverse constituencies, including women, minorities, young people, and the working class to support Bernie.  The Democratic National Committee is WAGING WAR AGAINST VOTERS by rigging their system to allow Bloomberg – an actual conservative Republican multi-billionaire – to buy his way into the presidency, even though ACTUAL VOTERS WANT BERNIE SANDERS.

We are correct when we criticize Republicans for suppressing voters, but the DNC also is SUPPRESSING VOTERS but unwittingly and in different ways. The DNC’s blatantly corrupt support for Republican Bloomberg and for conservative Democrats who are subservient to Wall Street will certainly REDUCE VOTER TURNOUT and re-elect Trump unless folks such as you and I can persuade the Democratic Party to STOP REBUFFING VOTERS and start becoming as progressive as the voters are!









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