Vote for Tye Menser. The Republican-funded postcard is a LIE trying to deceive you.

On Friday and Saturday October 19 and 20 many thousands of Thurston County residents received in the mail a slick postcard that is TRYING TO DECEIVE AND TRICK YOU into opposing Tye Menser, the excellent Democrat running to replace Bud Blake as a County Commissioner in Thurston County.

The postcard scam was devised by a right-wing extremist (Glen Morgan), who has a long history of lying and deceiving the public in electoral matters.  He created a phony organization that claims to be “progressive,” when it is actually a front for right-wing dirty tricks intended to trick voters here and in some other parts of the state into voting against good Democrats in order to cause crappy Republicans to win the election on Nov. 6, 2018.

The postcard BLATANTLY LIES in pretending that EJ Zita, a great local progressive, wants you to vote against Tye Menser, when ACTUALLY SHE ENDORSED TYE LONG AGO.

Also, the postcard BLATANTLY LIES in pretending that the progressive statewide organization Fuse Washington wants you to vote against Tye when ACTUALLY THIS ORGANIZATION ENDORSED TYE LONG AGO.

The lying organization behind the postcard scam is FUNDED BY A REPUBLICAN PARTY entity.


Some groups have filed an official complaint with Washington State’s Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) about Glen Morgan’s deliberately deceptive mailer.  See this article in The Olympian newspaper:

Fuse Washington ( sent out this message (edited slightly for length here) to publicly denounce the lying scam:

This is as dirty as it gets. A Republican PAC is telling thousands of progressive voters in key districts that Fuse wants them to support write-in candidates instead of the progressives on the ballot. They are sending deceptive mailers using our logo and Progressive Voters Guide recommendations for these candidates from past elections, claiming they are for this year’s races.

We can’t let these shameless Republicans use our good name to deceive voters and steal votes from progressives in critical races. Hundreds of thousands of people count on our Progressive Voters Guide each year as a trusted source of election information. If we don’t fight back aggressively and immediately, their sleazy tactics could confuse voters and tip the balance toward the Republicans in these key swing districts.

Here’s our two-part rapid response plan:
1. We’re working with our lawyers and progressive allies to file a legal complaint today calling on the Public Disclosure Commission to shut down this PAC and punish the people behind it.
2. We’re launching an online ad campaign and working with reporters to generate news stories that set the record straight and support these progressive candidates.

The Republican PAC behind these lies is funded by Peter Zieve, a notorious racist and Islamophobic Trump supporter from Mukilteo. It’s run by Glen Morgan, an infamous Republican troll who has filed more than 400 frivolous legal complaints against progressive candidates and organizations across the state, including Fuse. Now, with the backing of a rich racist, he’s sending tens of thousands of false and deceptive mailers to progressive voters in a desperate attempt to confuse them.




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