URGENT: Tell the U.S. gov’t to STOP draft registration.

NOW IS THE TIME TO TELL THE GOVERNMENT TO STOP DRAFT REGISTRATION — and abolish the draft agency (Selective Service System) altogether.

For a few years the government has been studying what to do about draft registration:  End it?  Include women?  Require everybody to serve in some way or another?

I have posted information about this on my blog:  http://parallaxperspectives.org/category/military-service-recruitment-draft-conscientious-objection

Here is a late April 2019 update on the military draft registration hearing:

Edward Hasbrouck (a draft resister and active member of Courage to Resist (www.couragetoresist.org) is an invited panelist on April 25 at the National Commission on Military, National, and Service hearings in Washington DC.

Edward has been asked to address the question of whether the requirement to register for a military draft should be expanded to young women as well as young men.

READ EDWARD’S PREPARED REMARKS HERE. “This will be the most important public forum on registration and the draft in the USA in at least 30 years,” notes Edward.





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