URGENT: Sign petition for the U.N. to investigate human rights violations at the border

Trump keeps violating human rights of immigrants, and especially people seeking asylum or refugee status.  Decent people must stop Trump’s cruelty and violations of human rights along the U.S. southern border.  A petition at this link calls upon the United Nations to investigate those violations of human rights:


International law protects people’s right to seek asylum in another country.  But Trump VIOLATES INTERNATIONAL LAW by attacking them with tear gas and rubber bullets.  He uses these weapons against unarmed refugee children and families.

An advocacy organization also reports this:

The Trump regime’s “metering” system is causing major delays, confusion and chaos at the border.3 It severely restricts the number of asylum seekers who enter the country every day. International law requires the United States to review every application for asylum. This system is preventing refugees from even applying. Now, the Trump administration is considering a new rule that would require many refugees to pay an asylum fee, adding yet another barrier to the process. It is also conspiring with the Mexican government to send these asylum seekers back to the countries they fled.4
These actions violate the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention and Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees under which the United States government has obligations. There is enough evidence for the United Nations to launch an investigation. It’s up to us force it to act.

I hope you will sign the petition at this link:









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