URGENT: Click links to tell Congress to CUT 10% from Pentagon budget!

Our nation has very serious needs that are grossly underfunded.

Congress keeps giving the Pentagon far too much money for violence.

A strong movement is building to CUT 10% from the Pentagon budget and use it for better purposes.

CLICK THIS LINK to tell Congress:



Many organizations are PUSHING HARD to cut the Pentagon Budget by 10% and use the savings to fund the serious human and environmental needs that are grossly underfunded.  I’m impressed with how many non-profit orgs are pushing for this 10% opportunity.  Many very different kinds of orgs are onboard with this.  It is highly relevant to everybody’s issues (peace, health, education, environment, climate, economic justice, racial justice, etc.).  We need this kind of convergence.

Here is another opportunity. I signed and hope you will too.