“Universal Single-Payer Health Care Now! Don’t Let this Good Crisis Go to Waste.”

We Need Universal Single-Payer Health Care Now!

The September 2020 interview on “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” examines our nation’s persistent failure to provide health care for everybody, persistent failure to control costs, and chronic injustices in paying the bills.  The U.S. spends twice as much per capita than other nations do, but many millions of Americans have no health care at all, and Americans’ health outcomes are worse than other nations.

Two knowledgeable guests explain the problems in clear, understandable ways – and they propose a smart, cost-effective way to cover everybody with high quality health care at lower cost than we pay now.  Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA, sometimes called “Obamacare”) is far less than what we need.  It fails to cover everyone, fails to provide high quality, fails to control costs, and fails to efficiently manage how to pay the bills.  Instead, the real solution that we need is Universal Single-Payer.

One guest, Lynnette Vehrs, is a Registered Nurse from Spokane, and she is the President of Washington State Nurses Association.  The other guest, Sarah Weinberg, is a medical doctor from the Seattle area, and she is the President of the Western Washington Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program, www.pnhpwesternwashington.org

Both guests are active in a statewide organization working for Universal Single-Payer Health Care:  Health Care for All – Washington, www.healthcareforallwa.org

This interview will air on cable channel 22 of Thurston Community Media (www.tcmedia.org) three times a week throughout September (1:30 pm Mondays, 5:00 pm Wednesdays, 9:00 pm Thursdays).

Also, everyone everywhere can watch this interview – and/or read a thorough summary of what we said (and additional information) – through Glen Anderson’s blog, www.parallaxperspectives.org, in the “TV Programs” and “Health Care Reform” categories.


Soon I will post a very thorough summary of what we said during the interview.  The thorough summary will end with links to many additional sources of information.

Questions?  Contact Glen Anderson, the TV series’ producer/host at (360) 491-9093 glenanderson@integra.net