United Nations is warning the world about persistently hurting the environment!

U.N. warning #1:

A U.N. report blames short-sighted economics for endangering nature. 

The dominant policies focus on short-term profits from exploiting nature.

Instead, we need to “value” other aspects of nature.

The smart article is at this link:  https://grist.org/international/nature-is-in-crisis-a-un-report-says-short-sighted-economics-is-to-blame/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&utm_campaign=daily


U.N. warning #2:

Pay attention to economics: U.N. warns that increasing disasters are ‘setting humanity on a spiral of self-destruction’

Currently, our politicians and our economic models are FAILING TO PAY ATTENTION to the escalating disasters (environmental, climate, etc.).  The United Nations issued this warning.  We – grassroots people – need to push our politicians, big businesses, economists, etc., to pay attention and change course immediately!

“The financial system really needs to get ahead of this curve, because otherwise there’s a lot of built-up risk that isn’t being priced into how we make decisions.”

By Olivia Rosane – April 28, 2022