Understand Korea. Don’t bomb it.

Understand Korea.  Don’t bomb it.

During much of 2017 Trump has vented anger and ignorance against North Korea.  He has rejected diplomacy and threatened to utterly destroy the nation and kill 10 million or more of its citizens.

Decent people know we must reject Trump’s terrorism.

Also, we must reject the U.S.’s 65-year-long history of threatening war (including nuclear war) against North Korea.  It is within this long-standing history of U.S. foreign policy’s ignorance and violence that Trump was able to vent his own ignorance and cruelty.

If you want to resolve a conflict with someone, it is necessary to understand how the other person sees it.  We need to understand that the U.S.’s 65 years of threats against North Korea prompted them to build nuclear weapons.  We must understand that North Korea felt they needed to protect their national security.

The Korean War never ended. No peace treaty was ever signed to formally end the war, but a ceasefire has been in effect for about 65 years. During all of that time the U.S. has been militarily threatening North Korea – including threatening them with nuclear weapons.

Since the early 1950s the U.S. has attacked and/or overthrown a huge number of other nations’ governments, but none of those have had nuclear weapons. Knowing this, we can understand why North Korea’s government feels the need to create its own nuclear weapons for self-defense. Trump’s threats only give North Korea more reason to feel in severe danger. Trump’s threats only motivate North Korea to build nuclear weapons.

The remedy is not more threats. The remedy is for ALL nations to abolish nuclear weapons.