U.S. has committed more “crimes against humanity and more genocide than any other nation since World War II

The article at this link — https://www.opednews.com/Quicklink/US-to-ICC–We-Will-Break-by-Dennis-Kaiser-Breaking-All-The-Rules_Investigation-190324-34.html — provides powerful information.

The article explains the U.S. government’s hostility to human rights and international law.  The U.S. government is antagonistic toward the International Criminal Court (ICC).

A summary says this:

No country in the post WWII era has committed so many crimes against humanity, and supported so many genocides, as the United States of America. And in summary, no other part of the world has murdered more people on our planet, than Europe. And most North Americans are descendants of the Europeans. The ‘foreign policy’ of the US is directly derived from colonialist policies of the former European powers. Therefore, crimes against humanity committed by the West have never stopped; never stopped for centuries.

How many lives would have been saved if the ICC would have acted? Will they actually carry out their planned investigation in Afghanistan or will they be cowed (or bought off) by the US?

Here is the article:  https://www.opednews.com/Quicklink/US-to-ICC–We-Will-Break-by-Dennis-Kaiser-Breaking-All-The-Rules_Investigation-190324-34.html