U.S. gov’t punishes immigrant workers but lets nasty employers break labor laws

The U.S. government and conservatives make a big deal about clamping down on undocumented immigrants who get jobs in the U.S., but the U.S. government and conservatives fail to enforce the laws that should be holding unscrupulous employers accountable for breaking the law.

Page 28 of an article in the April 2019 issue of “In These Times” magazine reports:

“ICE’s 2018 budget for its enforcement and removal department was $4.8 billion, while the Department of Labor’s 2018 budget for its wage and hour department was $280 million.  We spent 20 times the amount chasing unauthorized immigrants than we did chasing unscrupulous employers.  What if, rather than putting resources into preventing unauthorized immigrants from entering the workforce, we put resources toward ensuring that labor standards are actually enforced for all workers?”