In January 2020 — and previously — I had reported that the U.S. government was seriously studying what to do about the military draft.  Here is my blog post from January 2020:  http://parallaxperspectives.org/tell-congress-to-abolish-the-agency-that-runs-the-military-draft  You can see my blog’s category for posts about military service to see the previous posts.

On March 25, 2020, the National Commission on the Military, National and Public Service has ended its three years of effort and produce an official report that recommends REQUIRING WOMEN TO REGISTER FOR THE MILITARY DRAFT.

Draft inductions ended in 1973.  Draft registration ended in 1975, but President Jimmy Carter brought it back near the end of his presidential term in order to look tough and hawkish in reaction to Ronald Reagan’s hawkish (and successful) campaign to replace Carter, because the Soviet Union was occupying Afghanistan.  So Carter was willing to sacrifice the human rights and freedoms of young men in order to look tough for an election campaign.  Draft registration has continued, although nobody has been drafted since 1973.

A U.S. Supreme Court decision ruled that a male-only draft was unconstitutional for treating men and women differently.  A national commission was created in order to study what to do:  Abolish the military draft agency (the Selective Service System) altogether or include women along with men.  After three years the federal government’s National Commission recommended oppressing women along with oppressing men.  The commission wants women — just like men — to register on their 18th birthdays and keep the SSS informed of their current addresses continually until they reach age 26.

I had submitted formal comments during the time when they were receiving comments, but — as usual — the federal government did not take my advice.

Young men have been violating the draft law by refusing to register and by failing to keep the SSS informed of their current addresses.  Only a very, very few persons have been prosecuted for violating the law, and those occurred in the early 1980s (the last one in 1986).  The law is not being enforced.  The SSS’s database is very inaccurate and unreliable, so it would be riduculous and ineffective if the President were to actually use the draft to forcibly induct people into the military against their will.

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