TV: “Women Share Experiences, Insights, Wisdom about Peace and Justice Organizing”

The peace and justice movement has accomplished a lot because of the wise and effective efforts of women throughout the world. Our local community is much better thanks to local women’s skillful and dedicated organizing.

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s July 2012 TV program features several local women to share their experiences, insights and wisdom about organizing for peace and social justice.

Right now the world and our nation are facing huge problems related to war and other kinds of violence, economic crises rooted in dysfunctional and anti-human economic systems, many kinds of persistent social injustice, and worsening environmental and climate-related crises.

The problems seem so overwhelming, and all of our formal systems – governments, big business, centralized media, and so forth – seem totally corrupt and dysfunctional. Many people feel overwhelmed by the problems and powerless to address them constructively.

What do some of our local community’s best organizers have to say about the problems they have faced and the solutions they have devised over the years? What can we learn from these savvy and dedicated women?

Our guests share their own personal stories and draw insights that can help us solve our current and future problems.  They have accomplished great work over the decades, and they are still active in making further progress today.

Our guests are:
Holly Gwinn Graham
Gabi Clayton
Bourtai Hargrove
Ruth Lipow

To watch this interview, CLICK HERE.

To read what they said, Program Description — July 2012.