“Teenagers Organize Peace and Justice Activities”

Our culture wants us to be afraid of Muslims, homeless people, immigrants – and young people.

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s August 2011 TV program gives you an opportunity to meet four teen-agers and a 21-year-old who is working with them. You can decide whether to fear them – or to respect them. But don’t decide until you have had the opportunity to get to know them during this hour.

Every year starting in 2001 the Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation’s staff and volunteers have developed and carried out some creative and ambitious training for a select number of Puget Sound area teenagers for four weeks in July. Each Peace Activist Trainee earns a stipend while developing knowledge and skills for working for peace, social justice and nonviolence.

Our guests talk about WWFOR’s Peace Activist Trainee program and its exciting activities. They also tell you about what they have already done to work for peace and social justice. You’ll learn about how the world looks from these young people’s perspective and how they would like young people and older people to work productively together.

People on earth keep polarizing our differences – opposing each other with our different nationalities, different races, different religions, different economic classes, and different ages. But we all breathe the same atmosphere, and the same water recycles itself through oceans, clouds, rain, rivers, and back to oceans again. Truly, we are all in this together! Each of us is part of the solution!

WWFOR (www.wwfor.org) and the Seattle-based Abe Keller Peace Education Foundation (www.abekellerpeacefund.org) support the PAT program.  Abe was a very sweet and funny FOR member from Seattle who taught at the university and passionately supported peace education. His foundation carries on his work after he died in 1997.  WWFOR’s phone in Seattle is (206) 789-5565.

To watch the interview, CLICK HERE.

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