“Stories of Working for Peace and Justice”

For a long time the world has been suffering depressing news about war, violence, eco-nomics, human rights, environment, climate, and other issues. As a result, people who care about these issues can feel depressed and demoralized.

But – over the years – people who persist in grassroots movements for civil rights, peace, labor, environment, and so forth keep saying that what keeps moving these move-ments ahead is people sharing their stories.

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s June 2011 TV program features personal experiences, stories and insights from six local people who have worked effectively for peace and social justice. The program’s first half features Debe Edden, Bob Zeigler and Marilyn Dungan. The program’s second half features Douglas Mackey, Holly Gwinn Graham and James Bowers.

Between these two sets of guests we feature a short video from the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers. They traveled to Kabul and held a peace rally there.

While all of our TV programs are informative, we think you’ll also find our June TV program is also especially warm and inspiring.

To watch this interview, CLICK HERE.